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About Us

The firm was established in 1990 by Jules Milner and from 2016 David Milner is the pricipal heading the firm.

We specialize in design for industry, commerce, housing, and sports architecture with a more in-depth specialization in country clubs, fitness clubs, health centers and spas.

We believe in green construction as a world view and work to realize it in our projects.

We work with international clients in the field of health and fitness.

We have designed more than 50health and fitness clubs in Israel, Greece, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for industry-leading companies, municipalities, universities, and private companies that have integrated gyms for employees.

We are a partner in a group of 25 architectural firms from around the world who share professional knowledge, working together on projects and professional conferences that gives us the ability to handle any project size anywhere in the world.

We provide a wide range of architectural services including:

  • Consulting on program development with the client.
  • Development of design principles

Detailed planning and detailed design.

  • Preparation of estimates and budgets
  • business license when required.
  • Coordination, briefing and supervision of consultants.
  • Preparation of specifications for tenders
  • on site Supervision

Our Clients: